Electron Cryomicroscopy

Lead Researcher: Marcus A. Brubaker

The structure of biological molecules like proteins and viruses play a critical role in understanding life at a cellular level and are important to the discovery of new medical treatments. However determining these structures is a difficult task due to their small size and delicate biological nature. Electron Cryomicroscopy (cryo-EM for short) is an emerging new technique for structure determination which uses large numbers of low-contrast, high-noise 2D images to attempt to estimate 3D structure.

Image processing for cryo-EM

This project aims to explore the computational aspects of this reconstruction and estimation problem. This includes a range of problems such as particle picking [Zhao et al. 2013], 3D reconstruction [Punjani et al. 2017; Punjani et al. 2016], image clustering, structural clustering, deconvolution [Zhao et al. 2015], motion estimation and correction [Rubinstein and Brubaker 2015] and others.

A single particle in Cryo-EM Ab Initio Structure Estimation with SGD High resolution structure
Sample image, ab initio estimation and a final refined structure.

The following is a selected list of publications related to this project:

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